We have laboratories equipped with the latest technology to perform photometric and electrical measurements, capable of analyzing more than 200 operating parameters of luminaires, and tests of the durability and survival of light sources under certain environmental conditions or stress of use.

These tests are essential to the definition, at the design stage, of products whose light emissions are more comfortable and pleasant to the human eye for a more restful view, as well as for the verification of the conformity of productions to national and European standards.

Laboratorio spettrofotometrico Zerodue Industrial

Lab 01

Spectrophotometry and flickering analysis


  • Ulbricht sphere diameter 2 m.
  • Everfine HAAS-1200 spectrophotometer (380nm∼780nm)
  • Everfine LFA-2000 flickimeter
  • Everfine PF-9810 multimeter
  • Everfine DPS-1005 AC power supply
  • Everfine WY-305 DC power supply
  • Management workstation
Laboratorio spettroradiometrico Zerodue Industrial

Lab 02

Spectroradiometry and stroboscopic effect analysis


  • Ulbricht sphere diameter 1 m. with Spektron™ Coating
  • Everfine PMS-2000 dual-monochromator spectroradiometer (200nm∼800nm)
  • Everfine LFA-3000 flickimeter
  • Everfine PF-310A multimeter
  • Everfine SWG-3000 AC-DC power supply
  • Everfine WY-305 DC power supply
  • Management workstation
Laboratorio condizionamento termico Zerodue Industrial

Lab 03

Survival testing and accelerated aging


  • Controlled temperature environment
Laboratorio cicli accensione Zerodue Industrial

Lab 04

Ignition test


  • Automated and programmable test benches

Lab 05

Design and development


  • CAD workstation
  • Photorealistic Rendering & Graphic Design Workstation
  • Software & Web development workstation

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